Tour Navigator for the busiest person!!

This page is designed from my desire that I have been eager to find such a local web site during my visiting at foreign place.
I had 2 hours open time during my business trip in NY then I just wondered what I could do during this two hours.
Museum? Park?, Church? Shop?
One of good ideas is visiting a Museum. But it is not easy to find how long it takes to browse the museum.

Following spots are listed with time from Tokyo station.
I believe this table will help you to find the best spot for your limited time.

Time is calculated from Tokyo Station by various method.

Tokyo Station
The sign of Tokyo station.
All platform of each stations of JR
has this sign.
Place Transportation Time from Tokyo Station By what Nominal tour time Description URLs
Culture Kyoto 2.5 hour Bullet train 2days Old capital
Culture NIkko 3 hours JR or Tobu 1 day Old temple and lake
Culture Kamakura 1 hours JR local 1day Old capital old tamples and shrines
Big buddha
Culture Edo Tokyo Museum 20 minute JR local half day Edo era life museum
Culture Kabukiza 10 minute JR local 2-3 hours Kabuki Theater
Nature Atami 1 hour JR local/Bullet train 1day Hot spring
Beautiful seashore
Nature Hakone 2 hours JR local/Bullet train 1day Mt. Fuji and beautiful lake
Nature Izu 3 hours JR local/Bullet train 1day Beautiful seashore
Park KyuShibarikyuu 10 minutes JR Hamamatsucho 30 minutes Japanese
History Emperor palace 10 minutes walk 1-2 hours Emperor palace
History Meiji Shrine 20 minutes JR local 1-2 hours Old Shinto Shrine
History Asakusa 20 minutes Subway 1-2 hours Old temple and giftshops
Shopping Tokyo
Maru building
2 Minutes On foot 1-2
Newly opened
Shopping mall
Shopping Ginza 10 minute JR Yamanote 1-2 hours Famous shopping spot
Shopping Roppongi 20 minute Subway 1-2 hours Famous entertainment spot
Hardrock cafe.
Shopping Shinjyuku 20 minute JR Yamanote 1-2 hours Biggest Shopping area
Shopping Akihabara 5 minutes JR Yamanote 1-2 hours Electric Appliance Shops
Shopping Harajyuku
Oriental bazaar
30 minutes JR Yamanote 1 hour Unique Japanese goods
Only in Japanese
Shopping Harajyuku 30 minutes JR Yamanote 1-2 hours Young fashion town
Shopping Japan Traditional Craft Center 30 minutes JR Yamanote 1-2 hours Traditonal craft products
Entertainment Tokyo Disney Resort 30 minutes JR Keiyou line 8 hours Disneyland and newly opened Disneysea
Entertainment Universal Studio Japan 3.5 hours Bullet train 8 hours Newly opened in Osaka

Place Description Picture
Tokyo Maru building has just opened new shopping center.
The location is best. It takes only 2 minutes from Tokyo station.
On the 35th and 36th floors, there are 14 restaurants. Japanese, French, Tailand, Italian, Tempura, Sushi, etc.
Ginza Most popular Shopping district in Japan
Three department stores and variety of specialized shops
Akihabara The biggest electrical shopping street in the world and is known thought out the world as at the forefront of all multi-media innovations.
Asakusa Big Lantern temple
Many gift shops
If you wan to buy Japanese goods, this is the best spase to buy them.
Yukata, Fan, Sword
Shinjuku Biggest shopping area
Five department stores
And famous camera stores for tax free shippers.
Japanese traditional play

A performance of Kabuki is one of the most unique experience in the world of theater.
Tokyo Forum Tokyo Forum
Various exhibition and conference are taking place.
There is an office of travel information center at B1 level.
Harajyuku Young Fashion Town
You can visit Oriental Bazaar, Japanese shop.
And Meiji Shrine.
Harajyuku Oriental bazaar
This is very unique store who are handling various oriental stuff.
If you want to buy something related to Japan, you should be able to find it.
Japan Traditional Craft Center It locates close to JR Ikebukuro station. Only 5 minutes
There are many items of Japanese traditional craft products.
Handmade paper
Wooden products, furniture etc.
china, japan
Japanese knives
Meiji Shrine Large Shrine from Harajyuku station.
Very easy to access.
Only 10 minutes walk from Harajyuku Station to the main delubnum.
You can feel grave atmosphere in the forest.
Kyushibarikyu Beautiful Japanese garden
Very close to JR Hamamatsucho Station.
Kinkakuji One of the most famous Temple in Kyoto
There are so many temples and Shrines which have beautiful gardens in Kyoto.
If you have time, it's the place to go!